The SoBe Experience

“Whatever your heart’s desire, SoBe it!”

Pronounced “ei men” in Hebrew,  the word “amen” means “so be it, verily, true or truly”. “Amen” is an affirmation, said when one is in agreement with another on an idea or statement, acknowledging what was just spoken an absolute truth. More importantly, saying “amen” expresses a willingness to submit oneself to that idea, assuming all associated responsibilities that come with it.

So when we say “so be it”, it’s is more than a simple play on words. We are affirming your vision and committing ourselves to seeing it to fruition. Our commitment and willingness to serve you will always be our first priority. SoBe Events personalizes and plans every event to capture your essence, and project your dreams and visions to reality for guests to enjoy and celebrate with you.


At SoBe, we encourage dreaming, but we also understand the needs and concerns of each client. We understand budget constraints and creative blocks, and we work to make the two meet, finding the place where extravagant meets affordable. We aim to please and serve our clients in every way. We are committed to making your special day magical and will tackle even the largest of hurdles together.

Tell us your dreams; every thought and idea, the feeling you want to invoke, the impression you want to leave. Allow us to paint the picture and bring to life even your wildest dream, keeping in mind your needs and constraints. Allow your dreams to run free. Whatever your heart’s desire, SoBe it!

SoBe enlivened. Be extravagant. Be wild and crazy. SoBe YOU. And let SoBe make your dreams come true!


Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning!
– Gloria Steinem